Company unveils development plans

Company unveils development plans 150 150 Central Development Properties

Representatives of Central Development met with Englewood City Council Aug. 19 to provide an overview of the project they plan to build on the Masonic Temple property located on the block between Grant and Sherman streets and faces old Hampden Avenue.

“This building has been empty for a few years, and our company has evaluated several possible development options, seeking one that would become a successful project,” Jeremy Records, principal with Denver-based Central Development, told the council. “We are looking at developing a project with for-sale components. The concept is based on a successful project we built in 2005 in Denver’s Baker neighborhood.”

He said his company feels existing and planned development in Englewood has provided retail, office and for-rent projects. But he said the for-sale market is not being adequately served.

Jim Dauer of Studio DH architects said the tentative plans for Phase 1 are to construct townhomes along the east and the west borders of the property. He said there will be two- and three-bedroom units with garages at the rear of the buildings.

Records said plans are to build market-value units, seeking to target empty-nest couples as well as young couples who will use this as a step between living in an apartment and buying a home.

He said the plans for Phase 2 will be condominiums that will be constructed to comply with Americans with Disabilities requirements.

“We know that Craig Hospital sends 10 to 20 relatives of patients a week to the Marriott Hotel in the Denver Tech Center because there is no place closer to accommodate them,” Records said. “We plan to construct one-bedroom units that could serve Craig patients or relatives of Craig patients who want or need to remain close to the hospital.”

The men noted they are continuing to work on the concept and no timeline has been established for the start of construction.

The Masonic Temple, located at 3500 S. Sherman St., is in the old Lowell School that was constructed in 1910. The Lowell School held classes until the mid-1950s, and eventually the Masons purchased and renovated the building. The Masons moved out of the Sherman Street building several years ago and initially planned to seek development of the site. That didn’t happen and eventually the property ownership was transferred to private parties.

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