Featured Project: Highfield Business Park

Featured Project: Highfield Business Park

Featured Project: Highfield Business Park 1024 597 Central Development Properties

BSC Signs created signage and a signature architectural element for a business park in Metro Denver.

When Bradbury Properties developed the HighField Business Park near Centennial, Colorado, they wanted a unique, high-end look for the property’s entrance -something that would set it apart. Along with a strong design for the main signage at the development’s entrance, they were seeking out a distinctive look for their signature landscape element, a 300 foot long low wall along the entrance perimeter.

BSC Signs came on board to help with this interesting design challenge. When we began working on the HighField project, Bradbury Properties had two main requirements. They needed two large entrance signs with aluminum letters, and a rustic natural look for the wall. We had a lot of creative license on this project, but we still worked closely with our client in the design phase. We used artistic renderings and 3D visualization to help them clearly visualize the project before a final design decision was made.

The finished project was very successful in achieving the design goals. These photos were taken shortly after installation but well before the landscaping was completed, which gave the project a more finished look. The project shows BSC Signs’ ability to work with a customer’s requirements and create something really different and timeless.

The two identical signs feature aluminum flat cut out letters, custom made by our fabricators on a CNC router. The HighField corporate logo is reproduced in the sign, and the aluminum letters are set against a dark metal backing panel for good contrast and increased depth. The signs are approximately 4 feet by 12 feet in size. We also created a smaller 24″ x 24″ logo emblem that is located near the wall’s corner, between the two larger signs.

Our customer wanted an earthy rustic look for the wall. After much discussion and creation of artist’s renderings, a design was settled on that would use slanting metal panels with a rusted appearance.

Creating and installing the rustic wall provided its own engineering challenges. Fabrication of the metal panels took place in our production facility in Metro Denver over a period of five weeks. Installation had to be perfect. Each of the metal panels was carefully aligned to maintain the spacing with adjacent panels, and aligned vertically so the concrete cap could sit flush. With 300 feet of wall to cover, our installers spent a week meticulously setting the metal panels into place and attaching them to the concrete wall. Additional challenges included allowing for the undulating grade at the base of the wall, and smoothly wrapping the panels around a corner. Our team was able to install the wall panels with excellent results.

The wall’s metal panels will be allowed to naturally weather over time. This will only improve their natural, rustic appearance.

This project provided some strong benefits for the business park. The combination of the long, rustic wall and the prominent signage gives the entrance a strongly unified visual look. It’s also a statement entrance piece, showing that the owners of the park have taken the time to carefully plan every element in their development. And it’s definitely a unique look- something that visitors won’t see in other business parks. The colors of the buildings add to the visual tie in, giving the entire development a unified appearance. The overall effect is unique and memorable, and will attract companies thinking about locating in the business park.

In this photo you can see the “H” logo emblem at the corner. It’s illuminated at night.

HighField is a new 100 acre commercial business park located in Douglas County near the Centennial airport and perimeter highway E-470.

Since opening, HighField has attracted top tier businesses such as Polystrand, Applied Control, Colorado Studios, and JR Butler. HighField is part of the rapidly growing business community in the Centennial and Lone Tree area, and is very conveniently located with easy access to major highways.

Bradbury Properties, the Lone Tree property development company that built the business park, is a very experienced developer in the area, having completed major commercial and residential projects in the county. The Bradbury family has lived in the area for generations, and began their land holdings as dairy farmers nearly 60 years ago. If you’re interested in locating your business to the HighField Business Park, you can find more information on the Bradbury Properties website.

We’d like to extend special thanks to Doug Backman of DB Marketing in Denver for his assistance with the High Field project. Doug was the project coordinator for Bradbury Properties, and worked closely with our team. DB Marketing provides a wide range of print, design, sign, public relations and web services, including the development of the Bradbury Properties website.

Whether you’re developing a business park or looking for a new sign for your business, BSC Signs can help you with a full range of commercial signage – both exterior and interior. Have a look at our Gallery for some design ideas. We also create architectural elements through our BSC Custom division.